A man who has to sit in court all day must take the night

A man who has to sit in court all day must take the night — or, indeed, any time that he can get — to read up his cases.” “But the grouse put a stop to all work,” said Lady Fawn. “My gardener told me just now that he wanted a day or two in August. I don’t doubt but that he is going to the moors. Are you going to the moors, Mr. Greystock?” As it happened, Frank Greystock did not quite know whether he was going to the moors or not. The Ayrshire grouse-shooting is not the best in Scotland; but there is grouse-shooting in Ayrshire; and the shooting on the Portray mountains is not the worst shooting in the county. The castle at Portray overhangs the sea, but there is a wild district attached to it stretching far back inland, in regard to which Lizzie Eustace was very proud of talking of “her shooting.” Early in the spring of the present year she had asked her cousin Frank to accept the shooting for the coming season, and he had accepted it. “I shall probably be abroad,” she said, “but there is the old castle.” She had offered it as though he had been her brother, and he had said that he would go down for a couple of weeks — not to the castle, but to a little lodge some miles up from cheap oakleys
the sea, of which she told him when he declined the castle. When this invitation was given there was no engagement between her and Lord Fawn. Since that date, within the last day or two, she had reminded him of it. “Won’t his lordship be there?” he had cheap oakley sunglasses
said laughingly. “Certainly not,” she had answered with serious earnestness. Then she had explained that her plan of going abroad had been set aside by circumstances. She did mean to go down to Portray. “I couldn’t have you at the castle,” she said, smiling; “but even an Othello couldn’t object to a first cousin at a little cottage ever so many miles off.” It wasn’t for him to suggest what objections might rise to the brain of a modern Othello; but after some hesitation he said that he would be there. He had promised the trip to a friend, and would like to keep his promise. But, nevertheless, he almost thought that he ought to avoid Portray. He oakley sunglasses
intended to support his cousin as far as he might do so honestly; but he was not quite minded to stand by her through good report and evil report. He did not desire to be specially known as her champion, and yet he felt that that position would be almost forced upon him. He foresaw danger, and consequently he was doubting about his journey to Scotland. “I hardly know whether I am or not,” said Frank, and he almost felt that he was blushing. “I hope you are,” said Lucy. “When a man has to work all day and nearly all night, he should go where he may get fresh air.”

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