Intel executives: PC market malaise by design lacking highlights

Intel Vice President and mobile client platforms Group General Manager nawen·shenuoyi (Navin Shenoy) said on Thursday that PC product design has been lacking over the years highlights, cheap oakley sunglasses
,users, of course, there's no reason to upgrade. Intel in United Kingdom London's spring analysts meeting in response to a question, an analyst at shenuoyi, said, "we believe that usage patterns are not PC upgrade cycle extension of main reasons. Instead, the most likely is a new generation product is not more attractive than existing products, whether it's shape, battery life, is security, and responsiveness. They have no highlights in each of those oakleys
” The past six months or so, cheap oakley sunglasses
,the use of Windows 8 operating system PC products have appeared, such as Windows 8 Ultra, Windows 8 Tablet PC, Windows 8 mixing equipment. Care Noy said, "today I show you all of the products are attractive enough to get users to upgrade. oakley sunglasses sale
” Shenuoyi said "products" are fourth daikurui processors with Intel's upcoming release, "Haswell". This processor will be formally launched within about 10 days. Shenuoyi said, "our investigation shows that most Tablet users will continue to use the PC, their proportion at about 85%. In other words, the 85% people who wish to update their PC. "He also added that the touchscreen will be to promote the PC one of the new features of the upgrade.oakley sunglasses cheap

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