Ordinary Chinese will be on the space

Vice Director of China manned space Engineering Office of Yang Liwei believes that with the development of our technology, many demands on people, physical requirements will become increasingly broad. Yang Liwei said: "us manned space flight is to make use of space resources in the service of humanity, with the development of our technology and space, in our space station in the future, there will be a large number of scientists in experiments on the space station. cheap oakleys
.Increasingly high demands for the quality of the people itself, but gender was not the issue. This year, our Shenzhou tenth may also have women astronauts to participate in flight. ” Before the China manned space engineering, Vice Director of the General armament Department of the Deputy Minister, General Zhang Jianqi, Director of the China Aerospace Foundation has stressed the importance of psychological quality for astronauts, "astronauts must be without distractions.cheap oakley sunglasses
. As China's first astronaut Yang Liwei when flying, I see below, his heart, into the cartridge to go into space, his heart has been no big change. Such a strong psychological and ideological basis is very important. ” Chinese Academy of engineering, Member of the first, Chief Designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft Qi began: "according to our plan, around 2014 in the area of deep space exploration, took a dozen tons of spacecraft into Earth orbit; by 2020, will be built into China's own space station by 2020, my vehicle has to fall on the Moon, but also to get some things. oakley outlet
.In 2025, China is expected to achieve a manned moon landing. ”

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