Yahoo officially acquired United Kingdom mobile startups Summly

Yahoo recently announced a formal takeover United Kingdom mobile products company Summly new ventures, it is estimated that Yahoo bid is US $ 30 million for the deal, which included shares in the per cent of cash and 90%. Summly is only 17 years old, founder of United Kingdom shifted teenager Nike·dealuoyixiao (NickD'Aloisio), on whether the company is worth 30 million dollars has now become the major media topic for oakley sunglasses
Summly downloads of released just 18 months has exceeded 1 million times, their news reading frequency has more than 90 million times, though, Summly and did not receive any income. Meanwhile from the news of the AllThingsD said, Yahoo plans to close the application Summly after completion of the acquisition, while the related technology will be integrated into Yahoo products.
It is understood that Summly major development news reading applications, applications with the same name owned by Summly is a very beautiful news reader application, this application provides a specific analysis of the algorithm, the whole news streamlining only clear title and summary of news summaries, which lets the user know about the news in a short time, the most critical information.
While Summly does not give rise to scientific attention, but gifted dealuoyixiao has received recognition and support from many celebrities, and before that Summly investors are included moduoke·dengwendi (WendiMurdoch), aishidun·Ku penetration (AshtonKutcher), Yoko Ono, and celebrities, such as Li Ka-shing.
Another according to reported, Summly is not only a award-concern of mobile news reading device, June 2010, two a Stanford University of students by development of a paragraph name for Pulse of application had get jobs of favored, this also directly led to the application in April 2011 breakthrough has 3 million times of download volume, and also raised to 9.8 million dollars of financing, eventually Pulse was LinkedIn to 50 million to 100 million dollars Zhijian of price oakleys
Statistics show that, since the malisha·meiyeer (MarissaMayer) on July 17, 2012 as Yahoo since CEO, Yahoo's stock price had risen by 50%, but its financial performance has been relatively steady in 2012, its revenues and profits in the second half and 11% respectively.oakley outlet

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